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Dalmatians and Croatians (Objects 174-176)

I have just been away for a brief but enjoyable city break to Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast. This seems as good an excuse as any to feature these 2 very different Dalmatian dogs from the Usmeum, and my memories … Continue reading

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Miss You (object no.156)

This little porcelain calf ornament is another one of the china animals from my collection that I’ve kept for sentimental reasons, even though this one was not a gift from a relative or friend or anyone else: I bought it … Continue reading

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Elephant March (for Miles) (object 155)

Like the animals in my previous post, this family of china elephants is another treasured “ordiment” from an “auntie,” Auntie Peggy, another Margaret who was not a real auntie but a close family friend. In my mind this charming quintet … Continue reading

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Rain dogs (objects 149-154)

This tiny lead ornament, which is less than 2 inches (5cm) high, is a precious souvenir of someone who was hugely important in my childhood (as well as offering an irresistible opportunity for me to use another favourite song title). … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas, my old china (objects 145 to 148)

Despite the title of this blog, I haven’t actually written many posts about the ornaments (or “ordiments”) in the Usmeum. So here is a Christmassy story about some of them. One Christmas when I was about 15 my parents gave … Continue reading

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Eaton round (Object 126)

Here’s another intriguing 200-year-old object from the Usmeum for which I have no story. Fitting neatly into the palm of my closed hand, it is a perfectly round box, 1 inch high and 2 inches across, made of a pale … Continue reading

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The bells of Lucerne (Object 95)

Today is Swiss National Day, so it seems appropriate to feature these 2 cowbells, more items of Auntie’s which hold fond memories for me. The cowbells would be rung to call us in for meals when we were out playing … Continue reading

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