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Common People (objects 157-159)

This lovely lino cut of a Dartmoor pony by Paxton Chadwick is one of my favourite pictures. It was given to me for my 18th birthday by the artist’s widow, Lee Chadwick. It wasn’t framed but she had added a … Continue reading

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By The Factory Wall (object no. 142)

The above photograph shows Beverley Path in Barnes, one of the many hidden passages around the railway lines where the terraces of Victorian railway workers’ cottages,  council homes in my childhood, are now home only to the very rich. This … Continue reading

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A chip off the old Bloc (Object 130)

Today, 9th November, marks a significant anniversary in European history. It is 25 years since the infamous Berlin Wall was opened up to allow East and West Berliners to visit each other for the first time since the barrier was built … Continue reading

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International Women (Object 118)

Today is International Women’s Day. I have recently been looking through a tattered old photograph album from my mother’s youth, and was curious about these photos. She must have taken most of them as she is in only one, as … Continue reading

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Solidarity fuel (Object 87)

Today is Mayday, the day on which  trade unions and the labour movement are celebrated around the world. So it seems an appropriate time to feature this object from the Usmeum: Dad’s commemorative piece of coal from his visit to … Continue reading

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Welcome home post(er) (Object 32)

Some more of my family’s Soviet travels! In a previous post, I mentioned in passing our family tradition of welcoming home anyone who had been away with a big home-made poster on the door of the hallway. I was delighted … Continue reading

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Bulgaria: Where what how? (Object 31)

Following on from my last post, here’s another souvenir china horse bought on holiday. With my parents being Communists and my Dad working for British [European] Airways, we  tended to have holidays abroad in Soviet countries. We usually went to … Continue reading

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