A brush with fame (Object no. 144)

Basil Brush ticketAs I mentioned in my previous post, today is my birthday, so I am celebrating with 2 birthday related posts in 1 day. This object that I found in the archives holds a very special memory for me.

My parents always made our birthdays special occasions. When we were small there was usually a party with friends, and when we were older, we got taken out for a treat. My mum would make the traditional round sponge birthday cake, but she would also make a 2nd cake, made of Swiss roll mixture in a flat square tin. Once cooled, the flat cake would be cut into the shape of whatever we wanted, which for me was usually an animal: I can remember a dog and a rabbit and a pony. But my 7th birthday was really special.

Where we lived in Barnes was a short bus ride from the BBC studios at White City, and you could often get free tickets to be part of the live audience when the shows were recorded. For my 7th birthday Mum managed to get tickets for me and some friends to  see the Basil Brush show live. I loved Basil Brush and I had a bit of a crush on Mr Derek, his co-presenter. To be there and see the show being filmed live was a huge thrill, and I shouted and cheered so much that I spent the next few days in bed with a throat infection (I remember our kindly family doctor, Dr Brown, coming to see me with a gentle reprimand for having strained my voice so much). But it was a small price to pay for seeing my beloved Basil Brush, and Mr Derek, in the flesh! (As it were).

So of course, my cake that year was in the shape of the vulpine TV star. My mum did a beautiful job but sadly here are no pictures. Except for those in my head, 48 years later, which still make me smile.


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  1. Interesting little story! xm.

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