Gilt trip (object 60 revisited)

Restored Regency mirrorThis Regency mirror may look familiar to regular readers of this blog. It looks quite different to how it did last time it featured here, in this post from 2012, although the view reflected in the convex looking-glass remains the same. I have finally got around to having it restored, along with the bureau in my previous post. Both restorations have only happened as result of the break-in I suffered a few months ago: my insurance paid for the bureau and I deiced to have this piece done at the same time. I doubt I would ever have got around to it otherwise, so it is a golden lining to that dark cloud.

I found a local BAFRA accredited antiques restorer and gilder, Katie Keat,  who has done an amazing job. Not only has the grand eagle been restored to his rightful perch on top, keeping watch over the comings and goings of my busy street outside, but the curlicues have been re-attached to the sides and all of the gold leaf replaced, even on the little decorative balls. Keat said she enjoyed the challenge and sent me these photos of the gilding work in process:

Re-gilding in process


This grand piece is ridiculously over the top for my small flat but I love it. Luckily my Victorian conversion has high enough ceilings to accommodate its ostentatious presence and (perhaps because its restoration was paid for with insurance money for my stolen jewellery), I think if it as my likle bit of Brixton bling. After its long and varied history it’s a real pleasure to look at Auntie’s mirror, hanging there amongst my Bohemian collection of paintings and bric a brac and books.

With (gold) knobs on.

Mirror overlooking room





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1 Response to Gilt trip (object 60 revisited)

  1. Maggie Casey says:

    Both posts fill me with Joy, just brilliant!

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