Silver lining: Object 28 revisited

Back in January, I posted the news that my flat had been broken into and I had lost some precious family items. Adding insult to injury,  the thieves had smashed up this family heirloom  in order to get at some of those items. Well, today I have some good news! My insurance paid out for the repair of the bureau, which has now been lovingly restored by local BAFRA member Katie Keat. Beautifully polished, it is now in better condition than it was before the robbery:

Restored bureauThe invisible mending of splintered wood is astonishing. Here are some Before and After shots:

Auntie's damaged bureau

Before: the smashed up bureau

Bureau repaired detail

After: good as new!

Look at the top left corner of the desk lid. The thieves had forced it open with my kitchen knives, splintering the wood. The veneer has been replaced with no visible trace of the damage.

Bureau openThe inside also bears no trace of the mess it was left in, when the thieves sprayed it with washing up liquid, presumably to ease the lock open. I’ve now learned a valuable lesson and won’t leave it locked shut again. Locking it not only failed to prevent the theft of Grannie Lane’s silver, but also brought about this distressing act of vandalism. On the plus side, I have learned the value of insuring your valuables. I wouldn’t have chosen this turn of events, but thanks to those thieving vandals, Auntie‘s heirloom has been beautifully restored: something I doubt I have could have paid for otherwise.

So this family object acquires another story, one that  the next generation of owners may talk about in years to come.



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