Daylight robbery (Object 139)


silver boxThis ornate silver box belonged to my grandmother, Margaret Lane, and is engraved with her initials. I remember my Mum keeping hairpins and other bits and bobs in it on her dressing table. I have long wanted to feature this object on here, but had no story to accompany it. Now, sadly, I do, along with a reason to be glad that I had it photographed.

I kept Grannie’s silverware in the glass cabinet of another treasured family heirloom, which featured early on in my blog. Two days ago thieves broke into my flat, and smashed up this beautiful piece of furniture in order to get at Grannie’s silver. Which they stole, along with all of my own jewellery (but thankfully not most of my Mum’s and Grannie’s rings, which are carefully hidden).

Auntie's damaged bureau

The smashed up bureau

The most devastating loss from this, however, has been another item that I did write about here. Most of my bits of jewellery, though precious to me, I can live without. There was a collection of silver charms including a lovely stave of music notes that my parents gave me for my 21st birthday. I always treasured that, so much that I was afraid to wear it in case I lost it. Now I wish I had been wearing it that day. Much, much worse, however, was the loss of  this locket, given to Mum by my Dad on their silver wedding anniversary. It contained their photographs and is truly irreplaceable.

I just hope that by sharing these photos far and wide, perhaps these distinctive and precious items can be recovered.


About Hoarder of Babylon

A chartered librarian and curator of my family archives.
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1 Response to Daylight robbery (Object 139)

  1. Maggie Casey says:

    Dear Hoarder of Babylon, I wonder what journey these items will now embark upon? So many of the earth’s most beautiful and precious objects have been plundered, but then re – loved. Thank you for sharing them and sorry to hear of the careless destruction of something beautiful.

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