Tools for a husband’s happy birthday (Object 124)

Birthday card Mum to DadToday is my Dad’s birthday; he would have been 101 (we celebrated his centenary a year ago). So I am sticking with the recent theme of greetings cards, and featuring a selection to Dad that I’ve found in the archives. Most are from Mum – like these “to my husband” ones (below) – some are from us kids, and many feature household tools:

Birthday cards to DadBirthday cards from Mum to Dad

Like flowers for your wife or mother, what else could symbolise love for your husband or father, but a manly set of tools? Even one of my home-made DIY efforts features a hammer and nails (whilst others carry images of my own hobby – horses):

My home-made cards to Dad

My home-made cards to Dad

..amongst Dad’s other hobbies of watchmaking and snooker:
Cards from me to DadTo be fair, not all of Mum’s cards to Dad have tools on them. Some feature paintings that he liked, or scenery. This one recalls cosy musical evenings at home (so I have added a photo of one such evening alongside it):
Music card and photoAlthough I’m not in this photo (which shows Dad on the banjo accompanied by Brother 1 on the “mouthie”), I did play the flute, which may be why Mum chose this card.
Looking at these old cards brings my parents briefly back to life. This one has a note from Mum inside:

It is so cold even my thoughts are frozen! But I send this greeting with all my love. We will be so happy to have you with us on Saturday. We all miss you so much. We shall celebrate at home next week.
Many happy returns my darling,
Eleanor x.”

This must have been one of those occasions when Mum was staying at Churt with us young kids while Dad was at work during the week. I have several letters that they wrote to each other at these times.

For all the loving tenderness of these cards, I am going to leave the last word on men and their birthday tools to Aunty Peggy. Peggy Miles was one of my Mum’s best friends, who always found the funniest cards for our birthdays. Finding this one in the archive brought a smile, a reminder of Peggy’s soft laughter through the years:

DSC02805Humorous cards

Happy Birthday, Dad!




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