Bushels of birthday love (Object 122)

Mum card to GrannieToday is my Grannie Lane’s birthday, although I was so young when she died that I have no memory of this occasion ever being celebrated. I only think of it now because I came across this card whilst looking through the stash of cards my parents sent each other. I assumed this to be one of those until I looked inside, and found this handwritten verse:

Card Mum to Grannie“I trampled the streets of Richmond
I trampled the streets of Sheen
But nowhere in the shops I looked could a thing be seen,
Good enough to give to one, who all my life has been,
The dearest darling Mummy – of them all, the Queen.
So now this note I give you
To buy with what you will
And may God keep you happy the whole year through
And with each year that comes make you happier still

From Eleanor with bushels of love xxxxxxxxxxxx”

It is a very sweet, touching birthday card from my mother to hers, my Grannie Lane. It reveals such love and closeness between them, I find it deeply and poignantly moving, not least because I was never that close to my own mother. I don’t know what age my Mum was when she wrote it – there is no date – but I’m guessing she was a young woman at the time. The almost Biblical “bushels of love” at the end is especially touching. Grannie must have been thrilled with such a gesture of affection.

These photos from a holiday they spent together in 1956 at Grasmere in the Lake District, with Mum’s best friend Margaret Press, also show the friendship between mother and daughter:

Mum Grannie Grasmere 1956 2

Mum and Grannie

This one is captioned: “You’ve a spider on your shoulder!”

Mum Grannie street photo

Happy Birthday, Grannie Lane.

Grannie Lane with baby

“Dearest darling Mummy”


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One Response to Bushels of birthday love (Object 122)

  1. And of course – a little late – a happy Mother’s Day to you both (even though you never believed in such things!)

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