Pot of gold? (Object 94)

Miniature teapotBack on the subject of Auntie, here’s another object that came from her house in Churt. During one of our childhood holidays there, Auntie, who was presumably unaware of my contempt for dolls, gave me this tiny doll’s teapot to play with.  I was delighted with it and added it to my collection of china “ordiments” at home. When Auntie died some years later, Mum inherited many of her antiques, and arranged for an insurance valuation to be done at our home. The gentleman who came from Sotheby’s to look at the various pieces of furniture and art and silverware, noticed my little  teapot immediately. Mum told him it was just her daughter’s toy but he advised her to put it somewhere safe and not to let me play with it any more. My little doll’s teapot was, in fact, an 18th century Lowestoft miniature teapot, valued at £40, chipped spout and all  – a not inconsiderable sum in the 1970s. When Mum had the valuation re-done in 1997, it was valued at £300. I wonder what Auntie’s casual gift to this small child would be worth today? For the time being, at least, I am more than happy to keep it here in the Usmeum.


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