A Close Shavian (Object 85)

George Bernard ShawThe subject of this photograph is identified by a handwritten note on the back: “George Bernard Shaw outside his house.” It is in the Usmeum because it was taken by my Dad.

Dad moved to London from Glasgow at the tail end of the 1940s. He worked as a watchmaker at a West End jewellers, along with his old friend from home, Johnnie Smillie. Dad and Johnnie were keen cyclists who had spent many a weekend  cycling around Scotland together, so they continued with this hobby when they moved south. One of their jaunts took them to the village of Ayot St Lawrence in Hertfordshire, where Dad, being a great admirer of Shaw, decided to take a quick look at the house of this famous and influential socialist. He was rewarded with a surprise encounter with the great man himself, who was just popping out to post a letter, which you can see in his hand. He even stopped for a brief chat with the two young men, a memorable occasion for my Dad. Shaw died in November 1950, possibly the same year in which this photograph was taken.
I wonder who that letter was for?


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