Fairy Grandmother (Object 65)

Christmas fairyMy Christmas Day exhibit is another object from the regional branch of the Usmeum (Brother 2’s house). This is the fairy who has graced the top of our family Christmas trees ever since 1957, when my maternal grandmother, Grannie Lane, dressed up a doll in fairy clothes and wings for Brother 1’s first Christmas. The fairy still wears the dress Grannie made for her, although the wand and wings may be more recent replacements. Every January 6th she would be laid down to sleep (her eyes actually close) in a box with the decorations and wrapping paper, and put away in the attic to be woken again the following Christmas Eve for her annual 12 days of public duty.
The fairy was inherited by Brother 2 as he is the only one of us to have kept up that other family tradition, of having children. My nieces, now 8 and 9, love unpacking the decorations and “waking up” the fairy, whom they have christened Serafina (I don’t remember her having been given a name before). Last year I remarked on how well she was looking for her 54 years. “No”, my eldest niece corrected me, quite rationally, “She’s only awake for 12 days every year, so in fairy years she’s only 2.” Fairy-nough!
Happy Christmas.


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