Welcome home post(er) (Object 32)

Welcome home poster

Some more of my family’s Soviet travels! In a previous post, I mentioned in passing our family tradition of welcoming home anyone who had been away with a big home-made poster on the door of the hallway. I was delighted to find this surviving example among the archives. The posters were done with poster paint on the back of old political posters, usually, like this one, from the Association for the Advancement of State Education (here’s the reverse view):

AASE poster

The posters always featured some amusing graphic references to wherever the traveller had been or what they had been doing. This poster clearly welcomes Mum back from a trip to Moscow; I remember her going there for a weekend sometime in the 1970s (I think it was for a conference, possibly with her trade union, or the local CP branch). As well as the obvious references, Dad has made a nice visual pun featuring a red carpet and the Kremlin. I also have a poster he made welcoming me back from a pony trekking holiday, which features a fine pastiche of a Thelwell cartoon. His artwork was certainly superior to this attempt, clearly by one of us kids:


It’s very touching that this effort was treasured just as much as Dad’s, and that both were kept in a box or drawer somewhere, to emerge decades later and raise a fond smile.


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