Door post (object 8)

Bathroom doorThis is my bathroom door. It was also the bathroom door of the house in which I was born and grew up. That house is sadly no longer standing. We had to sell it after our parents died, and the man who bought it said he was looking for just that kind of dilapidated Victorian house to do up as his family home. He turned out to be a property developer who demolished it  to build something bigger, with a swimming pool. Losing the house this way felt like a third bereavement and I still sometimes dream that it hasn’t gone, as you do with people you have lost. But I have my own flat now because of it, for which I am ever grateful to my parents. And to Brother 2 who, on learning it was to be demolished, got permission to go back in and salvage every bit of it that he could carry: mantelpieces, doors, cupboards that our DIY Dad had made. So I am very happy to have some bits of the old house in my flat, which dates from the same era.
I love these pannelled doors with their colourful stained glass. One of the panes is a deep blackcurrant shade and I can remember thinking, when the sun shone through it, that it looked just like Ribena.  As you can see by the paint border, it had suffered the fate of most wood pannelled doors in the 1960s and 1970s by being covered up with hardboard and gloss paint.  In fact I can pinpoint the exact time this was done, even though I wasn’t yet born. When the carpenter friend who fitted the door for me took the hardboard off, he found something stuck behind it, which had been there since July 1959. See my next post to find out what!


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1 Response to Door post (object 8)

  1. Lisa Randall says:

    Wow! I never realized that your house was demolished. You may well have told me but my memory is worryingly bad! Still its great that you managed to salvage some of the fixtures for your own place now. Love Lisa

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