Bed post (object 3)

Standard lamp

Two objects in one this time. The above may look like a standard lamp, because that’s what it is, but it didn’t start out as one: it’s made from the post of a four-poster bed. The lamp belonged to Grannie Lane, my maternal grandmother, and family legend has it that there was a dispute over the inheritance of said bed, so it was divided up between family members in this way. I have no idea whether this story is true but it makes a lovely lamp stand!

LampshadeMy dear departed friend Andy B. was delighted with this story and when he found a battered old lampshade in the street he decided to make it into a  special shade for my lamp. He covered the old shade in applique and netting, bits of old jewellery and crystal, and one of his beautiful poems. Andy left us suddenly in April 2009 so this is a much treasured memento of him.


About Hoarder of Babylon

A chartered librarian and curator of my family archives.
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