In the beginning (object 1)

Mum's engagement ring
My first post has to be this, as it signifies my own beginnings: my Mum’s engagement ring. Mum and Dad were engaged in July 1951, a few months after they met in the Communist party. She was a stenographer on the Daily Worker and he was a watchmaker; they didn’t have much money but as Dad worked in a jeweller’s they were able to buy this beautiful ruby and diamond ring with the help of his staff discount. They were married in August 1952 and remained devoted to eachother for the next 40 years until Dad died suddenly the day after their ruby wedding anniversary.
Mum wore this ring, along with her wedding ring, every day; I remember how frantic she was when it went missing for a few days (and how overjoyed she was when I found it hidden on a high shelf). I inherited it after her death and discovered this inscription inside, which I had never known about:

“Jim to Eleanor”


You know those celebrity questionnaires which ask, what’s your most treasured possession, what would you save from a fire? For me it is probably this ring, the symbol of my parent’s deep and enduring love for each other – the reason for my existence.

With thanks to Owen Llewellyn for the micro photography.


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0 Responses to In the beginning (object 1)

  1. Debbie King says:

    A great story and a lovely start! Look forward to reading the next installment.
    Debbie xx

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